Out for the Season

‘Tis the time. The season to which the timeless words of  “joy and cheer” refer to. To some who keep the Faith, a time of full devotion, for it is the birth of Someone very special. To many, a time of presents and gifts of material value. But for most, a time to move back to where they truly belong, home.

Home. A word all-too familiar, yet a truth we will most definitely cannot do without. As a very important song to me puts it, a home is ” where your love has always been enough for me…” (whomever comes into mind for the word “your” is up to you.). It is a place that for most is a safe haven, void of hate, full of completion and acceptance. It is where one can truly find a measure of bliss, even if at times there is tension even at the home itself. Nevertheless, a home will never reject you, it embodies the love and determination of your parents to give you a chance to live, and more importantly, to love. A home is a mother, always ready to share your joys and sorrows, to whom we find satisfaction in times of hunger, reassurance in times of turmoil, and resolution in times of doubt.

When I was but a child (and truth be told, I am still a child, but I have learned a few more than I did then), I seldom thought of home. I was busy with other trivial things yet at the time were matters of seemingly great importance to me. My mind always seemed to be preoccupied with such matters as who ran faster than me, or whether or not the one I had feelings for felt the same way, and yes, I know, that these instances cannot be helped. After all, we all have times of seemingly blissful ignorance. But I learned, and is still am, learning a great deal more about myself than I ever did before, and in the course of that growth, a profound respect for anything and everything that will come in my way, and of course, for where I came from. Suffice to say that you, the reader, will have to forgive me for this selfishness in which I must indulge myself in. After all, I have to attend to these simple, yet immensely important things in my life. Mind you that the time of crushes and vanities is, for me at least, a time of the past. Now, and as will always be, this season will an opportunity to reflect on what has been, what is being, and what needs to be done. And of course, dear reader, I will get back to you when I must, for even in holidays work is ever-present, as in compliance with the rules of life. Be it what you may, but you too must fly, for you have your own story to write, a new chapter that promises to be one of the most fulfilling chapters in the end of this twelve-month year-book of your life.

As for me, well, my chapter is just like billions of others, I do not know as of the moment what to write in it. Anyway, time will always tell the story. It’s up to you on how you will write about it. But, one things for certain, In the seventeenth book of my life, I will know how to start twelfth chapter.

I’m going home.


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