A Dream

These are times when doubt and worry must be shed away, for the time being at least, but something happened in which I must inevitably put a considerable amount of attention to. You see, dear reader, that I had a dream, a dream like any other mind you, but a dream about whom I have a profound attachment to. I have to share my thoughts on this blog so that the people concerned may know what I have to say about them.

I woke up finding myself in my hometown. It was apparently the Season, as is now, and the town proper was busy with people. Forgive me, dear reader, but even though the dream came just before I woke up this morning I am having trouble remembering all that happened ( partly the reason for my chagrin when writing about dreams). Nevertheless, I remembered going to a food stall with my brother to buy a full order of noodles. As it happened, my chemistry teacher from my third year in high school was there, too, with what I can vaguely remember as a mug full of halo-halo in her hands. She was wearing a velvet blouse with light pink flowers printed all over it, and pink woolen pants (in reality I know her to possess clothing of the sort, which she sometimes wore during class). She looked glad, quite far-fetched from the stressed face imposed upon her by the very unfortunate circumstances in the classroom, even blissful, if I might judge. Wanting to give her my best wishes for the Season, I told my brother to wait for the noodles while I talked to my former teacher.

Ma’am, kumusta na po kayo? I suddenly blurted out behind her. She was considerably surprised, but wasn’t cross with me since she remembered me as being one of her former students. We talked for quite a long time, about my life in the University, and her life as, well, a teacher. On the course of our conversation, she laughed so hard at a comment I made about her salary that she almost dropped her mug of halo-halo. I noticed immediately that her fingers where already blackened ( she had an ailment, the identity of which I DO NOT dare ask. She already has much stress as it is, so there’s no point in reminding her about it.). I was concerned. In reality, I did try many times to persuade her to lighten her load ( by no means coercive, mind you, it was a sort of “jokingly serious matter” when we talked about it). In my dream, as in reality, I once again tried to tell her to give up her advisory class, in a tone I never would’ve used at her in reality. Somehow, she wasn’t at all surprised or even angry. Instead, she told me that she wanted what she was doing and she has known no other way (what that meant I may never figure out).

I fear that discussing too much details would be a great disrespect to one of the best I have ever known to practise the noble profession of teaching. It is a profession, just like many other important things in life, that we fail to recognize the significance of. Practised by a person with the right mix of knowledge, skill, and devotion, this profession will prove to have the most significant effect on anyone,and maybe, just maybe, everyone’s life.

I take my leave.


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