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On this day.

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Today, I reach what may be the happiest moment of my life. Everyone I know, friends and family, and of course, the family-to-be, are all here. The suit is a little uncomfortable, but that doesn’t really matter now, does it? I stand here today, nerves and all, waiting for that grand procession that is to place a gleaming gemstone in my otherwise ho-hum life.

She was fierce and determined, as I quickly found out when we were juniors. We never really got along at first, but it’s funny how a little time can change things, isn’t it? She was always straightforward and very engaging, for she was a person whom you would find witty conversation on a wide range of topics. She was, and still is, a competitive academic, giving her best in her scholastic activities, which I found very attractive though I myself did not do very well in the academe. Whatever our differences, she always complemented me, in a way that I was never actually bored with myself, and even found myself trying to be at least a suitable match for her. In the end, I fell in love with her, and decided that I should give it a shot. A woman like her comes only once in a blue moon, and I was not about to let her just pass in front of me.

The church bells are ringing. There is a ruckus outside as the bridal entourage arrives. I feel the anxiety, as if my body suddenly realized it’s not ready. The church organ starts playing. Ready or not, I know in my heart that I want to spend the rest of my life with this woman, a dynamic, faithful, and very unpredictable woman who takes my breath away. A woman who I have spent a very long time waiting for, and who has kept faith that I would. As the grandest procession of my life unfolds before me, I am moments from exchanging the most sacred vows with the woman whom I have shared and put so much faith in.

On this day, I stand waiting. I have dreamt and planned so long for this day. As my best friend pats me on the back, I take my place beside her, in front of God, and the future we will share from this day on.



A message

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“Wolf, here, remember, this didn’t happen, understand?”

I took the envelope and slid it in my pocket. “Go. I don’t know you.”

I watched him limp away in his crutches. Bob should have never taken this job, sooner or later the Pack is going to want to remove him. Better stay away from him from now on, or the Pack’ll think I’m softening up.

“Overwatch, Wolf here, package received from contact, I’m coming home.”; I looked at my watch. Beth’s old, but she still gets the job done. I looked around the alley, Overwatch is somewhere here, watching from the rooftops. “Oh, and Overwatch, I need a ride, I’m dyin’ out here.”

“Overwatch copies, Puppy’s your ride. Over and out.”

I sighed. My breath was so visible in this cold winter night. I guess I shouldn’t have brought my gun along, I really didn’t need it right now, but better safe than sorry, right?

Minutes later, I called the Pack. “Fort, Wolf here, Puppy still hasn’t arrived, he should’ve been here ten minutes ago, so where the hell is he?”

“Fort here, Puppy left Den seven minutes after you did, said he’ll be the one to bring your ass home, he should’ve been with you. Anything wrong, Wolf?”

Overwatch. Shit, the traitor! “Break radio contact! I have been compromised! Overwat-”

Bullets suddenly started flying. It was an ambush! I ran for cover behind a dumpster and realized that Beth had been hit. Now I knew why Overwatch insisted that I leave my rifle behind, the asshole. But there was no time to dally, there were five men shooting at me, and from the looks of it, they were Grundy’s. I took my rifle out and started returning fire. It took me 7 bullets to neutralize them all. Surprisingly, Overwatch was provided sniper support. “Guess I have to think about him for awhile.”

Beth got screwed, so I didn’t have any contact with the Pack for a while. I found Puppy in an alley a few blocks from where I was, strewn with bullet holes from the head down. Suddenly, I saw Overwatch emerge from the shadows.” Didn’t know we were blown, sorry, Wolf.”

I fought the urge to shoot him on the spot. “Well, we gotta get back to the Den, report to the Pack.”

We hid Puppy in a body bag in the trunk and drove back to the Den.

“Damn, Puppy, why? Why!”. Fort and Puppy were real close, so he took it hardest. “If you didn’t screw around in that alley, Puppy’d still be here!” and he raised a fist to hit Overwatch.

Mech stopped him. “Back off, Fort, no one knew they were compromised, Puppy lost his edge and got unlucky, got it? No one’s to blame for this.”

I butted in their little talk. ” To think of it, Puppy never made radio contact with any of us, did he?”

“But I did, before you met the contact. That’s why I knew he was your ride.” Overwatch said coldy.

“So you must’ve been blown while you were with the contact. Quite convenient, isn’t it? Wolf talks to the contact, Overwatch listens, and Puppy just waits somewhere no one knows and gets killed, Wolf almost gets done in, too. If you ask me, that contacts dirty.”

I knew they’d want Bob sooner or later, but isn’t this a little too fast, even for Mech? I tried reasoning it out. “Watch it, Mech, Bob’s been with us for 3 years now, and he’s yet to be dirty.”

“Well then, Wolf, I suppose it was one of the Pack that blew you, ain’t it? Can’t even trust your team now, can you?” The look on Mech’s face was smug. I would’ve wiped that smile clean off along with his face, but he was right. What if Bob blew us now? Or maybe he’s been all the time? But I remembered the intel, he always gave reliable intel, and this was the first time we got blown with Bob as the contact. “Check the intel.” I said smartly. “We can check on the intel and then we’ll know if he’s dirty.”

“On it.” Fort immediately forgot about Puppy and started encrypting the intel. “We got it in five. Wait for it.”

I noticed the envelope had something written on the inside. I didn’t notice it earlier with the disk in it, but now I do. I cleanly swiped it off the table without any one noticing. Then Fort finished the encryption.

” Darcmann and Grundy in cahoots, will do business at port next Friday at dawn. Heavy weapons for something. Don’t know what, yet.”

I slid out the envelope and started reading. I stared in disbelief in what was written in it.

Son, we’re still here. FFS.

Felix and Fortia Strife. Damn, man.

Character Sketch: Selim Strife

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I am Selim Strife. I live in the cold, hard streets of San Fierro. I used to live in Serene City,  with my sister, Vicky, until she  was abducted. My parents are Felix and Fortia Strife, both of whom are brave police officers who gave their lives in protecting the streets of San Fierro. My father was a SWAT Team commander, and one of the best in the force, if I might add. My mother was an undercover investigator, helping my father weed out Kidd Darcmann’s smuggled weapons syndicate. My sister and I were forced to move away to Serene City when the operation on Darcmann was getting dangerous. We heard little from our parents since the move, and 3 years later, the day I earned my bachelor’s degree in Military Science from the Serenity College in Serene City, we received word that both our parents were killed in the line of duty.

I am a stone-cold hunter. I have been tracking Darcmann for years, killing and maiming many of his thugs and goons along the way. He has taken everything from me, my parents, my sister, everything. I have little time for trivial things, because for me, there is only nothing but the next objective, the next mission, the next target. I am a man of few words and even fewer friends, for they are liabilities that will only hinder my pace. The day Darcmann took my sister, I ceased to exist. No documents, no certificates, nothing. I am a man who exists solely as a ghost to haunt Dartmann, with no other aim than eliminating every trace of him. I have honed my senses to track, to hunt, to kill. And I will stop at nothing until I complete my final objective.

But I am, somehow, still Selim Strife. I still love my family, or what’s left of it. If ever Vicky is still alive, I will rescue her. She is my only weakness, and if ever Darcmann uses her against me, I will have no choice but to follow his moves. Until that day comes, I am another man, known throughout the modern underworld as a merciless predator, cunning and swift. And through because I don’t exist, I go by the name they gave me, a birthname given by the prey I sought to stalk.

I am Wolf Pierce.