Character Sketch: Selim Strife

I am Selim Strife. I live in the cold, hard streets of San Fierro. I used to live in Serene City,  with my sister, Vicky, until she  was abducted. My parents are Felix and Fortia Strife, both of whom are brave police officers who gave their lives in protecting the streets of San Fierro. My father was a SWAT Team commander, and one of the best in the force, if I might add. My mother was an undercover investigator, helping my father weed out Kidd Darcmann’s smuggled weapons syndicate. My sister and I were forced to move away to Serene City when the operation on Darcmann was getting dangerous. We heard little from our parents since the move, and 3 years later, the day I earned my bachelor’s degree in Military Science from the Serenity College in Serene City, we received word that both our parents were killed in the line of duty.

I am a stone-cold hunter. I have been tracking Darcmann for years, killing and maiming many of his thugs and goons along the way. He has taken everything from me, my parents, my sister, everything. I have little time for trivial things, because for me, there is only nothing but the next objective, the next mission, the next target. I am a man of few words and even fewer friends, for they are liabilities that will only hinder my pace. The day Darcmann took my sister, I ceased to exist. No documents, no certificates, nothing. I am a man who exists solely as a ghost to haunt Dartmann, with no other aim than eliminating every trace of him. I have honed my senses to track, to hunt, to kill. And I will stop at nothing until I complete my final objective.

But I am, somehow, still Selim Strife. I still love my family, or what’s left of it. If ever Vicky is still alive, I will rescue her. She is my only weakness, and if ever Darcmann uses her against me, I will have no choice but to follow his moves. Until that day comes, I am another man, known throughout the modern underworld as a merciless predator, cunning and swift. And through because I don’t exist, I go by the name they gave me, a birthname given by the prey I sought to stalk.

I am Wolf Pierce.


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